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Key Competencies for Line Managers and Line Management



A lot of organisations establish competencies that detail what skills and behaviours they believe line managers need to exhibit to be successful in their business.  Workshop will help to equip Line Management with relevant knowledge. Workshops will help to establish  most competencies for line managers and indeed all levels of management and general core competencies that relates back to the company’s long term vision and goals. Workshop will help to  recognise that some competencies are going to be more relevant to line management than others.




1 day


Learning Objectives


•  Understand the role of the Line Manager

•  Develop work planning and delegation skills to implement with your team

•  Learn how to inspire and motivate your team to perform to their best potential

•  Learn how to agree and set goals with your team

•  Develop a management style that will facilitate team performance

•  To learn to provide sufficient feedback and coaching

•  To learn to provide information

•  To learn what relationships are supportive to peoples’ efforts


Areas Covered


•  Effective Performance Management

•  Performance Management Cycle

•  Tools and skills for development

•  Overview of Appraisals

•  Appraisals in Practice

•  Motivation and Team Building

•  Managing Change

•  Best Practice as a Line Manager


Who should attend


This workshop is aimed at Line Managers and Supervisors.




This workshop will help you to develop a management style and operate up to date techniques to face the day to day challenges of supervising a team.

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