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Manchester Research Group is an innovative research group where recent graduates from various business schools join together with Michael A Potter International team to research and analyse the current trends in the world of Global Management.


The programme allows foreign and home students to work for several weeks or months within a project team, providing them with career development and support for their professional life and helping them on their journey to their chosen career path.The focus of MRG is to produce a steady stream of new data linking global business management issues to organisational success which is accessible, relevant and challenging to practitioners.


A major focus of the MRG’s current work has recently been on the development of the New People Matrix Management Model which was successfully launched for the first time during the regional IFTDO Conference & Expo in Warsaw, Poland in November 2012.


Each year, Manchester Research Group welcomes students and Graduates from all over the world for a research training experience through the Internships programme. Undergraduate, masters or PhD students come and spend a few months or weeks in our research team. There is a place for all types of people at the MAP international as all types of skill sets are needed at the Manchester Research Group.


We are actively forging links with different clients in different industries across the world, especially in Asia, Middle East and Africa and have an extensive network of alumni working with our partners and clients after their experience at the Manchester Research Group.  We nurture and develop talent but also help our graduates pursue their careers in their own countries such as Poland, Vietnam, India and Ghana.  All our interns are given responsibility from day one and there is emphasis on empowerment and interns taking ownership of their time and work.  We offer the graduates and interns career guidance and a chance to make a real contribution to the success of the organisation.



At Manchester Research Group, all of our members are given a formal review at the beginning of the programme to find out their interests and background. A supervisor will talk you through some of our previous projects but will focus on where you passion lies, the types of societies, work experience or previous work that you have done. Basically it’s our chance to find your strengths and how you can contribute to the success of the group. We will discuss the type of project work that you can do, if you are creative or good with numbers or like to get involved with organising our workshops.  Previous projects have included tasks such ascoming up with blog contents, getting involved with research for upcoming conferences/workshops and contributing to the company publications and literature.



We offer career guidance to all our graduates and some of our employees have themselves been past interns at the Manchester Research Group. We also offer the chance to help our members find work and opportunities with our partners in Europe, Asia and Africa. We can help you with application, interview and negotiation.  We have active partnerships with organisations and business in countries such as Poland, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Bahrain, and UAE.



Manchester Research Group has an active partnership with both the Erasmus Programme and the Leonardo da Vinci Programme. We welcome all prospective members and have an extensive network of past participants who have benefited form the Manchester Research Group experience.  Get in touch with us for advice on how to apply. We help members find accommodation as part of the programme and help you information and advice  as member of the programme.



At the Manchester Research Group we not only work together but also have an active events programme to make members feel at home in Manchester no matter if they are from Poland or Nigeria. That is why we have social events to help you enjoy the cosmopolitan ambience of Manchester.  Manchester is a city of cultures, various types of cuisine and sports as well as a thriving and vibrant entertainment and Arts centre.



The Manchester Research Group is not just a programme for weeks or months but a lifelong commitment to the values of integrity and empowerment. The Group maintains links and partnerships with all the current and past members who have forged their own careers in the business world and other organisations around the world. The Programme  provides advice, links and resources to the current and past members no matter where they are based around the world. The group is part of the community not just in Manchester but around the globe and we keep in touch to keep track of the success stories that the group has produced over the years.


If you wish to be a part of our team please send your CV and Cover Letter to

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