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As much as we emphasise on bending our backs to meet deadlines and directing our energies to achieve excellence, we also support our employees in keeping a balance between work and life. At MAPI we plan various events which are aimed at relieving stress and having an opportunity to have some fun.

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Our People

Our Cultue

Work Ethics

Development and Rewards

Work hard, Party hard

We do not have little cabins at MAPI and never will; because we believe in a highly connected culture which fosters innovation. We welcome new ideas and encourage our employees to challenge conventional practices.

We believe that employees are the most important element of our business success. That is why they play a key part in our business philosophy and mission. We have a group of very bright, enthusiastic and creative people who are all geared towards achieving excellence for clients.

There is no place for bullies at MAPI. We have a very strict policy against workplace bullying and discrimination.

Keeping our team motivated is our utmost priority. Just like our clients we also extend our development services to our employees.

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Manchester Research Group is an innovative research group where recent graduates from various business schools join together with Michael A Potter International team to research and analyse the current trends in the world of Global Management.

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MRG Members

Klaudia Darbinova

Elbieta Dziuba

Emmanuel Krisstian


Maria Perikleous

Georgiy Ivanchenko

Lisa Latin

Damilola Matte


MAP International Ambassadors


Mainul Habib Tanzim,


The role of MAP International Ambassadors is to provide credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility to our brand all over the world.

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MAP International is always on a look out for new ambassadors to promote our company all over the globe. Please contact us if you would like to become an ambassador for MAP International at your location.


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