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This book includes a number of ‘change tools’ that can be applied to various change scenarios; exercises which invite readers to reflect on their experience of change in everyday life; and a host of case studies and examples based on real organisations worldwide. It will provide change managers and leaders with skills required to identify the necessity for change and ensure its successful implementation.

Michael A Potter revisits the fundamentals of Mentoring to help Mentors recognise the needs,techniques and processes required to enhance the performance of employees.

Become more self aware, take responsibility, boost your mentee’s confidence, pose the right questions and present new challenges with the help of this brand new DVD series  

Being a Mentor is no walk in the park. It takes serious objective and emotional commitment to help your mentee succeed. This book explores the methods of nurturing ambitious minds with the knowledge and tools required to achieve personal and organisational success

Global Management Journal is a publication of articles written and developed by world renowned HR expert and Globalist Michael A Potter in conjunction with Manchester Research Group. The journal covers a variety of topics under the category of business management with a global context, such as managing talent in a multi-generational workplace, leading for success, the importance of creativity and innovation in today’s organisation, and managing change successfully.

An introduction to the New People Matrix Management Model, which focuses on the changing role of future people experts and the  competencies, qualifications and skill required by them. In this presentation Michael presents his views and foresights on people management issues and challenges for the future. Model (first presented in Poland-2012) specifically focus on Matrix Management issues and the key multi-generational challenges for people experts when managing different mind-sets.This model provides new ways of thinking for future Managers and CEOs.

Successful Change and Transformation Management

Mentoring Matters, Coaching Counts  (NEW Training DVD)

Mentoring In the Fast Lane - Michael A Potter

Global Management Journal

Global People paradigm Model– Shifting the Frontier of People Management (New CD)


products and resources


Achieve organisational excellence by hiring the contributors, retaining the influencers and developing your human capital. Making the right strategic choices is the key to gaining competitive advantage.  

Michael A Potter’s ground breaking training DVD goes beyond traditional management humdrum to help you develop your HR strategy from the ground up.

HR - Recruiting, Developing and Retaining Human Capital (Training DVD)

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