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Strategising Organisational Development - Key Challenges

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In this workshop, participants will gain key skills, qualities and attributes to successfully approach the organisational development strategies. They will learn how to take charge of the team and manage it in such a way to enable achievement of extraordinary results. This programme will coach the participants on how to develop a successful change and organisational development plan and become a more inspiring and effective leader.


The results of this course will translate into the everyday effectiveness of the organisation and team members will become more productive, motivated and happy. The participants will develop the holistic understanding of the factors affecting organisational development and change such as organisational, culture, vision, and values.




3 days


Learning Objectives


  • To equip delegates with the essential knowledge and skills needed to improve their understanding and approach to organisational development and change management.

  • To gain knowledge on important aspects of strategic planning in organisational change, performance and talent management.

  • To develop delegates’ understanding of the organisational culture and its importance on the performance.

  • To take advantage of practical tools, tips and techniques, which will increase the organisation’s performance.




On the completion of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Align organisational goals with a successful development strategy

  • Generate organisational knowledge, skills and attitude in the workplace

  • Lead a winning team, department, and organisation

  • Obtain improved motivation, clarity and focus in your organisation

  • Engage stakeholders to successfully build a supportive and effective change management framework

  • Empower employees to deliver results and achieve goals and mission

  • Develop a strategic perspective of OD and increase productivity in your organisation


Areas Covered


Organisational Development Strategy & Key Challenges

  • Discover the main challenges in creating an efficient OD strategy

  • Obtain tips and techniques for planning and developing a successful OD strategy

  • Understand the factors influencing and increasing the success of OD including organisational vision, values, and mission statement

  • Practical exercise: Participants will work to create their own mission statement and set of organisational values and entrepreneurism in the workplace

  • Devise useful strategies and tactics in increasing creativity in the organisation


Talent Management, Succession Planning and Organisational Development

  • Capture the link between talent management and organisational development and the benefits of talent management in the organisation

  • Conquer the strategies of talent management: Recruiting, retention and development

  • Explore the MAPI model of talent management to help improve organisation’s performance

  • Case Study: Participants will work in groups to discuss Heineken’s successful approach to talent management


Strategic Change and Transformation Management

  • Build effective communication platforms to deliver the value of change for better employee engagement

  • Understand the psychology of change and expectations of employees

  • Adopt suitable change management toolkits to reduce employee resistance towards change

  • Identify key drivers and risks in the process of change to sustain growth and increase business revenue


Who should attend?


CEOs, MDs, VPs, Division Heads, Senior Managers of Organisational Development, Human Resources, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Talent Management, Learning and Development.

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