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Building and Leading High Performing Teams


0.5 - 3 Days


This course takes a comprehensive look at the leadership styles, leading and motivating employees, and developing high performance teams. Based on the principle that no leadership behaviour is suitable for all situations, the highly interactive programme is designed to provide participants with an insight into their current behavioural traits, preferred leadership styles and the ways in which they can adapt these to become more effective leaders. Gaining immediate feedback from fellow delegates, they explore the characteristics of a good manager and leader, as well as becoming more aware of the differences that may exist between their own motivations and those of their team members. This will allow them to understand how they can better motivate others, both as individuals and as teams, in a way that enhances overall performance.

All participants will practice and solidify their leadership development and team building skills directly by taking part in an experiential exercise where they are required to choose a leader, work as a team, make decisions, delegate tasks, assign roles & responsibilities and assess their own and others' ability to successfully lead. The course will help delegates to understand how team members can collaborate and harness their individual strengths and what managers can do to help this process along. 


By the end of the course, the participants will have:


  • Identified strategies to manage the different behavioural roles people take within a team and ways to improve team dynamics;

  • Established personal strategies and actions that will build and maintain a high performing team;

  • Communicated their own team vision in an engaging way to encourage team member “buy in”;

  • Increased understanding and awareness of how to solve problems within a team.


  • Understanding of own behavioural traits and preferred leadership styles

  • Understanding of own motivational factors and whose of team members

  • Improved leadership and motivation skills

  • Enhanced performance

Areas Covered

  • Types of teams and defining success.

  • Developing a high performing team 

  • Leadership styles and effective team leadership 

  • Communicating and working with your team

  • Understanding decision-making styles 

  • Getting the most from team meetings

  • Creating collaboration

  • Resolving conflict 

Training Method

This workshop is ideal for managers and team leaders who are responsible for developing, managing and leading high-performing teams.

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