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Effective Business Development and Income Generation Skills


2 Days


The most successful organisations have a deep and thorough understanding of their customers. They understand who the key players are and appreciate the organisational strategies, goals and the processes of their clients. Maximising account penetration and positively impacting the buying decision is a critical skill that leads term, profitable business results. Identifying new opportunities and converting them into additional revenue streams is an expertise that provides for long term organisational growth and prosperity.


This programme has been designed to provide delegates with the skills, perspectives and tools required to make the most effective decisions that are in-line with their organisation’s strategy and are financially astute. Delegates will gain the knowledge and tools that will lead to long term account growth, retention and success. Case studies will be discussed among the delegates to promote effective participation and strengthen comprehension. Delegates will also have the opportunity to apply the knowledge to their own organisations.


  • To understand the critical need, and learn the skills for maximising account penetration

  • To effectively participate in generating income for your organisation

  • To impact buyers’ ability to help shape decisions

  • To ask the key questions that stimulate discussion that leads to a sale

  • To prospect, identify and secure new customers

Areas Covered

Day 1

  • Account Penetration and Customer Business Development

  • Buyer Behaviour and Business Buying Decision Making

  • Strategic Key Account Planning

  • New Business Development

  • Positively Affecting the Key Decision Makers and Buying Influencers

  • Understand Decision Making and Planning to Impact Decisions

Day 2

  • Learn What Customers Want

  • Review Key Elements of Customer Relationship Management

  • Setting Goals and Objectives

  • Importance of Sales Funnel Management

  • Identifying New Customers

  • Effective Cold Calling and Prospecting

  • Security Customer Executive Buy-In to Long Term Strategic Plans

  • Influencing Skills

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for those who need to maximise own results with current clients while developing business and securing new customers.

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