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Our Values

Delivering Top Notch Services

Being Passionate

At MAPI we are very passionate about what we do and we make sure it reflects in our service and communications. We put our sincere efforts in helping you achieve the balance you seek.

Staying Fresh

Consulting is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. In order to keep up with the pace, we strive to stay current and provide solutions which are up-to-date, creative and effective.

Result Driven

We hold ourselves accountable for realistic, measurable, timely and cost effective results. Because when we sit at the drawing board we make sure that we tie our strategies with your business philosophy, goals and resources.

Creating Wow for Clients

Hanging on Every Word

We provide you undivided attention during and even after the service. We do not subject our clients to obvious scripted responses or iron clad procedures in case a problem arises. Our utmost priority is to understand your concerns and fitting the solutions to a T.

Inspired Solutions

At MAPI we strive to inspire our clients with our services. Our expert consultants direct their energies towards making the service procedure creative, fun and practical for you. With our cutting edge solution we aim to find a cultural fit for your organisation and help you embrace and drive the change. We like to call it- The MAPI Experience.

Supporting Our Team to Achieve Excellence

Leverage Diversity

We aim to achieve the vision and mission of the organisation by fostering a workplace where diversity and individual differences are valued.


We welcome new ideas and encourage our employees to question the conventional approaches. We do this by giving responsibility to our team members and instilling a sense of ownership of projects.


We seek to inspire team spirit, pride and mutual respect. We want to synergize the growth of MAPI with mutual cooperation; while also helping employees to achieve their personal professional goals.

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