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Crisis Management


2 Days


Working in the crisis arena where pressure is inevitable, information often scant and the environment and colleagues possibly unfamiliar creates a very difficult set of challenges to the normal working environment. Therefore, it is important to ensure that everyone in the organisation is prepared.


This course aims to provide an understanding of the crisis management framework for an organisation. It is targeted to improve participants’ knowledge of the latest in risk assessment, contingency planning and to prepare the crisis management team for the difficult tasks they will face during and after crisis. The course will equip participants with the competencies they need to manage crisis effectively: from writing the crisis management plan to dealing with the media. On completion, participants will be able to play a vital role in protecting their organisations during unexpected circumstances and help to prevent a real crisis.


  • Understand what defines an incident and how it can impact your organisation

  • Learn how a crisis can escalate if not managed

  • Be able to form a crisis management team

  • Know how to put together a crisis management plan

  • Be confident managing crisis communications


  • Be confident that you have a crisis management team in place

  • Give employees and customers greater confidence that a crisis can be contained

  • Reduce the operational and financial impact on an incident

  • Ensure that crisis and incident management is part of your business continuity plans

  • Protect your business and encourage professional development

Areas Covered

The detailed course content will be designed to meet your specific needs but the subject areas include:


  • Introduction to Crisis Management

  • What Is An Incident – How Does It Affect An Organisation

  • Crisis Procedures and Emergency Setup

  • Crisis Leadership and Team Building

  • Contingency Planning and Log-keeping

  • Introduction to Media and Crisis Communications

  • Media Interview Training

  • Using Social Media in a Crisis

  • Information Management – Situational Awareness & Decision Making Under Pressure

  • Strategic Evaluation of Security Measures

  • Disaster Planning

  • Stress Management

Who Should Attend

This 2 days programme is designed for those who have to implement Crisis Management Plan into their organisations, such as supervisor, member of crisis management team and related employees to help organization overcome crisis in the best way.

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