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Leadership and Management Development Masterclass


3 Days


This course covers the essential skills and personal qualities that will produce highly effective leaders. Delegates will discover practical and straightforward ways to lead, organise and motivate in order to achieve outstanding performance and results. 


Delegates will explore their preferred leadership styles, the commitment and motivation of their teams and their own ability to motivate teams to meet organisational goals. This masterclass is essential for any manager who wants to gain a comprehensive understanding and practical skills required to get the best out of themselves, their staff and their organisation. 


  • Understand the skills and qualities required of managers and leaders in the 21st century 

  • Realise the differences between leadership and management

  • Understand the link between effective performance management and business results

  • Assess your leadership and management behaviours and determine the best style to generate results

  • Determine what motivates you and your team

  • Lead to inspire other people more effectively

  • Deploy some key leadership and management techniques

  • Learn about effective talent management strategies


  • Align performance goals with strategy 

  • Bring improved knowledge, skills and attitude back to the workplace 

  • Lead a winning team, department or organization 

  • Realise the benefit and process of personal interaction and be able to use these new skills 

  • Have improved motivation, clarity and focus 

  • Influence people to follow you 

  • Empower others to deliver results 

  • Increased productivity 

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for aspiring middle managers who are looking to provide leadership to their team and ensure maximum effort, commitment and motivation in the achievement of their objectives. This course is a progression from Key Management Skills for Supervisors and Junior Managers.

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