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Negotiating for Success


1 Day


People often think of typical movie scene where high-powered deals are hammered out: a powerful business man taking down the opposition, a salary increase for steel worker when they hear the word “negotiations”. The atmosphere is tense, the players are tough, and the stakes are high. In reality we all are negotiators. Successful negotiating calls for the same sort of communication skills that are needed in any personal interaction. We have to negotiate every day with family, friends, colleagues, or clients.


This programme will give participants an understanding of the phases of negotiation, tools to use during a negotiation, and ways to build win-win solutions for all those involved.


  • Negotiation Skills Case Study

  • To Understand the Importance of Negotiations

  • To Provide Successful Negotiations

  • To Implement Influencing Techniques

  • To Find Out Own Negotiation Style

  • To Understand Different Communication Styles

Areas Covered

  • Types and Stages of Negotiations

  • Main Concepts of Negotiations

  • Skills for Successful Negotiating

  • Handling Difficult Negotiations

  • Influencing

  • Communication Skills

  • Negotiating Process

  • Negotiation Scenarios

Who Should Attend

This programme is designed for those who need to maximise own results by successful negotiations with current and future clients.

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