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Managing a Multi-Generational Workplace in the 21st Century


1 Day


Managing employees of several generations is not an easy task, but it is the reality of the business world today. The creation of a culture and coordinating programmes that foster communication and collaboration between all of the generations present in the workforce will help to minimise the difficulties managers may encounter. In order to truly create a cohesive workplace, managers must encourage employees to view generational difference as a valuable strength rather than a weakness. 


This workshop identifies the characteristics of the different generations, considers their expectations and values, and how these influence the way they relate to each other. It examines the implications of multi-generational workforce for organisational culture and structures, recruitment and retention tactics, training, and management styles and approaches. The workshop also tackles the issue of properly integrating the newest generation - Gen Y, into the workforce.


  • Develop a better understanding of the generation gap and the issues it can surface at workplace

  • Understand and appreciate each generation’s perspective

  • Challenge and overcome common generational perceptions and assumptions

  • Optimise multi-generational team communication by adjusting the approach to different communication styles

  • Gain an insight into how a framework for a talent management strategy could be developed that builds on the strengths of a multi-generational workforce


This workshop will help you to develop understanding of various generations, their characteristics and how to manage them in the successful organisation.

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who works in multi-generational teams including managers, supervisors and team members. All generations are encouraged to attend, as well as intact multi-generational teams.

  • Organisations who have multi-generational teams or are in the midst of a generational leadership transition.

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