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Mentoring Matter, Coaching Counts


2 Days


This two days workshop is designed for managers and supervisors who want to become more confident and competent in handling everyday problems that arise when managing staff. By developing key mentoring and coaching skills, it enables managers to adopt a positive approach to performance management and support people in working to their potential.


During the workshop delegates will learn the latest essential skills and techniques required to work as an inspirational mentor and coach.


  • State the difference between coaching and mentoring

  • Understand the basic set of skills for mentoring & coaching

  • Have the ability to introduce coaching & mentoring into the organisation

  • List the attributes of an effective coaching/mentoring scheme

  • Understand the role of the coach/mentor as a developer of others.

  • Learn how to develop a successful mentoring & coaching training session

  • Describe the skills of an effective coach/mentor and how to avoid typical pitfalls

  • Learn how to assess your effectiveness as a coach/mentor.

  • Understand the benefits of coaching and mentoring in the organisation

  • Develop an action plan for implementing mentoring & coaching


  • Taps into existing resources and networks within the practice (at no extra financial cost)

  • Assists the training and development resource by sharing the responsibility.

  • Greater efficiency of developing people (both mentor and mentee should gain from the process)

  • People recognise abilities earlier, take or seek out opportunities, thus work to their fullest possible potential

  • Professional, managerial and inter-personal skills can be smoothly and consistently transferred from junior to senior levels, raising effectiveness and quality.

  • Encourages a stable culture, through continuity factors, which affects long term success

  • Encourages staff to take responsibility for their own career development

Who Should Attend

This workshop can benefit those setting up or developing an existing scheme. It is also recommended for individuals taking on a mentoring or coaching role for the first time, or developing existing skills.


The course would particularly benefit managers who wish to engage and inspire people in other teams and areas of the business in terms of tackling challenges, building skills and supporting their longer term career aspirations.

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