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Introduction to Finance for Non-Finance Managers


2 Days


Today’s business world sees an increase in emphasis on financial awareness. Every manager should be equipped with the basic understanding of financial jargons to increase his authenticity and chance of success. This course is aimed at non-financial managers to introduce them to the basic concepts of managerial finance. This course will explain the basic terminologies of finance such as understanding the financial statements, cash flow, financial planning, costing decisions, financial analysis and budgeting. Not every manager requires the same level of skill and understanding. Emphasis is to equip the participants with the basic knowledge they require to understand the complex and confusing world of finance.


  • Gain a better understanding of common terms of managerial finance which would enable them to contribute more effectively towards their organisation in achieving its end goals.

  • Understand basic financial terms and jargons and would be able to make better sense of financial statements & reports.

  • Demonstrate their understanding of the financial concept and would help improve their assertiveness and credibility.

  • Understand and communicate effectively with their financial counterparts


Better understanding of financial jargons to increase own authenticity and chance of success.

Areas Covered

  • Introduction to the function of finance in a business model

  • Familiarise with the financial statements- Income statement, balance sheet, cash flow

  • Financial Statement Interpretation –Using Ratio Analysis

  • Financial Planning- Break Even Analysis, Cash flow forecasting, Using Financial Statements

  • Profit/Loss, Income, Expenditure

  • Costing Decisions – Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Budgeting - Using Budgets to manage business activity- Interpretation, forecasting, negotiation & variances

  • Financial Analysis – Introduction to capital investment appraisal working capital management

  • Business Ethics, Transparency, CSR

Who Should Attend

Suitable for any manager with non-financial background.

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