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Enrich Your Workplace Relationship With Colleagues


2 Days


In today’s volatile and challenging business environment, you have to build successful work relationships and interact with people in a positive way to achieve your organizational goals. Now, discover the basic competencies critical to solid work relationships and career success. The first step in building better work relationships is to become aware of the differences among people, and to be willing to accept these differences as a positive force within an organisation.


This workshop will prepare you to create better work relationships by becoming a “conscious communicator.” You’ll return to work better able to build constructive and beneficial work relationships by learning how to analyse situations and consciously select and use productive communication strategies.


  • Apply strategies, concepts and skills for dealing effectively with negotiations and conflict

  • Apply structures approach for preparing for effective negotiations and identifying the main phases and skills needed in a negotiation

  • Use problem-solving approach to gain an overview and uncover the real needs and interests of the parties in the negotiation or conflict.

  • Manage emotional dynamics to improve communications and create more productive relationships

  • Handle objections, defuse resistance and encourage people to be more cooperative

Areas Covered

  • Effective Workplace Relationships

  • Effective Communication in the Workplace

  • Building Trust

  • Addressing Relational Change and Conflict

  • The Importance of Teamwork

  • Emotional Thinking and Behaviour

Who Should Attend

People who want to build better work relationships, maximise impact, increase productivity and drive results by applying effective communication and relationship management.

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