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HR for Non-HR Managers


3 Days 


This course is designed for Non-HR specialists and covers the core components of the employee lifecycle including Job Analysis and Descriptions, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Rewards and Recognition and Ending the work relationship. A variety of training methods are used on the course, including presentations, discussions, exercises and practical examples.


  • To understand the role and changes of HR

  • To get a deep insight into HR policies and how to design them

  • To understand the importance of Job Analysis and Job Descriptions and how to develop these in your organisation

  • How to prepare and conduct job interviews as an employer

  • To appreciate the importance of effective Orientation as well as on-going Training and Development

  • How to deal with poor performance and absence at work

  • Get an insight into legal and ethical issues

  • To build appreciation for the value of diversity in the workplace

  • To appreciate the value of Exit Interviews and how to conduct them

  • The importance of rewards and recognition programmes and how to create them

  • Learn how to terminate to terminate an employee the right/fair way

Areas Covered

Day 1

Aligning HRM with Business Strategy

  • Trends reshaping the future of HR

  • Introduction to Human Resource Management

  • Trends in HR

  • Interaction of HRM with company vision, values and strategic direction

  • Aligning HRM with strategic business goal


HR Policy and Procedures

  • Importance of key HR policies and procedures

  • Using policy templates to formulate new HR policy

  • HRM Tools, Techniques and Templates


Importance of Job Analysis

  • Job Analysis

  • Job Description

  • Job Specification

  • Job Advertisement

  • Hand-out: “How to write an effective job advertisement”


Preparing the Interview

  • Screening CVs

  • Interview Preparation

  • Interview structure


Assessment Centre, Conducting Effective Interviews and Make Hiring Decision

  • Assessment Centre

  • Conducting the interview

  • After the Interview​

Day 3



  • Company Culture

  • Top 10 reasons employees quit

  • Effective retention strategy

  • Stay interviews

  • Family friendly working


Rewards and recognition

  • Rewards and benefits

  • Environment

  • Employee recognition and rewards programmes

Fair way to terminate an Employee

  • Fair dismissal

  • Acting reasonably

  • Summary dismissal

  • 5 Steps to terminate an employee

Day 2


Training and Development to keep Employee Motivated

  • Learning and Development

  • Training and Development

  • Benefits

  • Strategies

  • Training Choice


  • Definition

  • Key Principles

  • Feedback

  • Listening and Questioning

  • The Coaching Process


Managing poor performance and employee absence

  • Dealing with poor performance

  • Absence at work

  • Effective Absence Management


Effective Disciplinary Procedures in the Workplace


  • Effective Disciplinary Systems

  • Main kinds of disciplinary


Ethical/Legal Issues

  • Employee rights and responsibilities

  • Equality and diversity at work

Who Should Attend

  • - Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs

  • - Department Heads

  • - Managers

  • - Human resources support staff

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